Why Choose a Pet Photographer?

We all have mobile phones with some great camera features, I'm sure you've all taken many photos including selfies with yours. I'm just as guilty of that one. DSLR cameras are also now more affordable to own your own. So why pay for a pet photographer?

Well, beside the fact that a pet photographer will do everything possible to get those perfect images of your animal, and the both of you if you want to be in the photo too, it's not just about taking the photo. There is understanding of the lighting and positioning, then at the end of the shoot there is the editing of the best photos of the day. 

Each photo is shot in Camera Raw, this is like an undeveloped negative and is put through a software package to digitally develop the photo ensuring the colours, clarity and the things that shouldn't be in the photo are removed. Then it's taken into Photoshop to remove any goobers that might be on your dog or leash removal. This, along with choosing the best photos from the session, can take some time, and is all included in the session fee. 

Some examples of removing items in Photoshop.

Where is the Photo Session

All my Photo Sessions are based around you and your dog, horse, cat, etc. Each is on location at THEIR Favourite place. Yes, you read that right. I come to the location of your choice.

Why? Because your animal comes first. To ensure they enjoy the photo session as much as possible, which will guarantee their personality shines through, they have to be comfortable, relaxed and happy. Which means in their Comfort Zone. Afterall, it's their photo shoot, I'm just the one with the camera that will happily lie on the floor, kneel in water, make weird noises to catch their attention, to ensure you get the photos that truly capture what you see in their personality day to day. 

What if…

My pet is nervous around new people, so I don't think I'd get good photos?

Not a problem, I have a long lens and am able to help you relax your animal enough so that they forget I'm even there. Having done photo shoots with nervous dogs in Rescue, Dogs Trust and other Rescues, I've learnt to be invisible to them. 

My pet is a senior and gets tired quickly. Will a photo shoot be too much for them?

Absolutely not, we can arrange to do a shorter session to fit their needs and we can take breaks between each set of shots. This is also the same with most animals, as they get bored, so we mix things up a little to keep their attention and stop them getting overtired.

What if it's raining?

Then we take a rain check. I always ensure that at the time of booking we add two dates into the diary, so we have a back up plan should the first date get rained off. If both get rained off then we can reschedule.

The back up date can also be used should your animal not be up to a photo shoot on the day in question. I would never put an under the weather animal through a photo shoot. Flexibility is important in Pet Photography and it's something that I am happy to provide.

Have more questions? Drop me a line.

It all sounds lovely but what’s it going to cost?

   A photo session includes the following:

•  90 minutes on location shoot at your favourite location (within 25 miles of Cheadle, Cheshire. Further distances are charged at 45p per mile)

•  Choose from 25-30 beautifully edited images

•  Private online viewing gallery to make your selections. Gallery is available for 21 days

•  Choice of a 5x7 mounted print to fit a 8x10 frame or £25 credit towards a Wall Art Product (see images below)

•  Order from a customisable collection of mounted prints, wall art and other products.

Not included: Extra Prints or Wall Art. Mounted Prints start at £25 and Wall Art £125. These are ordered separately when you make your selections and product choices. No Digital Files are included. 

Session Fee £125

Mounted Print ready for Framing

Professionally Framed Print

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