Behind the Lens

A little about me

Hello I’m Wendy, the face behind the camera

I'm not going to write the usual "I have always been passionate about photography etc." I am sure you have read that or similar on many photography sites. Yes, I love my camera, but my first love is animals, the photography comes second. 

Why would I tell you this when I'm supposed to be promoting my photography?

Simply because I believe that loving animals, understanding and seeing their personalities, wanting the best for them first and foremost is the key element to capturing their true characters. It's not just a photo shoot and the next client for me. Each and every animal I have met whether it's a private commission, a shoot for Dogs Trust or another animal charity or meeting animals who come up and say hello at events, has touched my heart in some way. I remember them, their little quirks that make me smile; and as I edit the best images from the session, I do it with the same love and care that I do when I'm editing photos of my own animal companions. This is why my tag line is...

Loving your pets as much as you do!

Why Choose me?

I understand how precious our animal family is to us and how important it is to have those special photographic memories of them. I wish there had been pet photographers when I had my little guy, there wasn't even digital cameras then, so I don't have many photographs and certainly not wall worthy ones, as you can see from the picture of him. This means that on every photo shoot it's important to me that I capture images that you will treasure because their soul shines through. 

More Facts about Me

I love riding and have lessons every week and confess I then visit every horse at the stables with treats

This is the BOSS, who keeps me on my toes and is my now reluctant model

I am a Reiki Master specialising in Animal Reiki and I also hold a Canine First Aid certificate. Currently enlisted on more Canine courses.

The coldest place I have visited was Pikes Peak in Colorado on New Year's day and it was -40c at the summit