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Lovatt Pet Photography has been expanding it’s range of Wall Art Products recently to include a stunning Wood Panel, with a gorgeous Gloss Print finish, from a new local supplier.  The Wood Panel is currently my favourite product, as it really ensures the dog and equine portraits really stand out when up on the wall.

Being a Photographer, like any artist, I like to see my work displayed on walls or in albums and not on a CD or USB just left in a drawer.  Photography is meant to be enjoyed and viewed, although we don’t have room for all our photos, it’s lovely to be able to have our favourite or favourites on the wall to enjoy, especially if the pet portrait is on a beautiful product. I am sure that you will agree that it brings a smile to your face when you look at your wall art, you would have bare walls otherwise.

It was with great delight that my new local product Lab, while working on supplying a wall art display to a Vet in Knutsford, Cheshire offered one of my Dog Portraits amongst the portfolio of photos for the vet to select from. Even more so, when the vet chose the lovely shot I captured of Missy on a tree stump, as seen below. I love this photograph as it captures so many elements of what a spaniel is all about, a little muddy, having fun and with her looking directly into the camera as she posed for this portrait with the green of the woods all around her. Her owner was thrilled when he saw the finished product which he purchased on one of my alumini wall art products.


Now, it is also proudly on display in the treatment area of Knutsford Veterinary Service by Fryers Nursery in Knutsford Cheshire.

If you are a vet practice, dog groomers, cafe, shop, etc, interested in some lovely wall art to display then please get in touch via the contact form or by emailing me

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